Title: you trick me my car?
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Tao: I show you my car…. *beep beep*…*beep beep* (car doesnt come out)
Tao: Oh~
Lay: fire!
Tao: oh~ trick me? you TRICK ME MY CAR???
fans: ahahahaha

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140904 | Mid-Autumn Festival Show | Credit: Pull The Trigger

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real__pcy updates: 141016, 141017, 141021

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140711: Jongin seems very persistent about wanting Luhan to carry him

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happy birthday to EXO’s very own sweet, caring, adorable, precious little angel zhang yixing ♡ (◠‿◠✿)

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exo 90:2014 2014.10.10: shameless promotion

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[14/10/22 TAO’S WEIBO] he left two comments on his own post

#1 comment: tao standing up to protect sehun from all the ridiculous shit he receives for making weibo in which we don’t even know why sehun would get hated for that

#2 comment: to the haters as usual

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